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Building on Success

What's next for Mayor Wood and the City of South Salt Lake? South Salt Lake is a small city with big opportunities. We are very diverse and pride ourselves on our welcoming and hard working attitudes. The City has long been "a City On The Move" we have been leading the way in a growing and changing Utah's Economy. 


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Great Neighborhoods

We have been successful in running the "Promise South Salt Lake" program, which is now in every school and supports over 2600 youth and adults each year. 78% of students enrolled were youth of color and the data has been yielding positive results. These results also show that 89% of parents feel their children's education has improved and have also seen a 71% reduction of juvenile arrests. We need to continue on this type of work at a community level as well so I also plan on preserving and improving affordable housing; expanding community centers in every neighborhood; and making our city greener with more trees, low emission city fleet and equipment.


Investing in people

We have expanded our parks and trails to give our community more places to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. We have added four playgrounds, four parks,  recently a new community garden, and the new Tracy Aviary Jordan River Nature Center is opening soon. We have added more and better bike routes, including a 900 W bridge for Parley's Trail, and new bike lanes on Main Street and 500 West. I plan to continue this progress with more bike trails and lanes in the coming future. Investing in our community and residents is my passion and I plan on increasing internet access with new public WIFI locations, and completion of the Community Opportunity Center. 

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Our community puts people first in public safety. That is why I have long supported keeping our own local police and fire departments and upholding their high standards. We have built relationships with our residents, businesses and supportive partners that have reduced crime, supported victims and prevented youth from joining gangs. We have met challenges head-on, including creating a homelessness intervention and outreach program. Safety starts in neighborhoods with better lighting, safer intersections and proactively protecting property. Our police and fire department are known for their empathy, innovation, and commitment to safety, and I plan to ensure we continue this work.


Celebrating South Salt Lake

South Salt Lake is a great place to be and to live. That is why we live here. We have built up our downtown and three major housing projects. We are becoming the creative industry zone, the hot new destination for nightlife, crafts, and the arts. We have become home to two new city events Muralfest and Craftoberfest. The murals and public art in our city reflects our community and the cultures. Welcoming all people and embracing diversity makes us thrive. We have initiated three new community councils: Equity, Interfaith, and Digital inclusion to make sure every South Salt Lake resident is represented and heard. 

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