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Building on Success

Investing in People

I believe people are our most important resource. Together we have made South Salt Lake the best place to live, work and learn. Between our award winning Promise South Salt Lake afterschool program, opening opportunities to the jobs of the future, and building an equitable city, we are making strides and changing lives. We are also helping people live healthier and happier
lives with more parks, trails, community gardens, and natural areas.


Great Neighborhoods

We know that South Salt Lake is one of the valley’s best kept secrets. We are walkable, livable and among the most affordable. I have heard the concerns of our community as we see the challenges ahead to continue preserving, improving, and building affordable housing. I am continuing to make smart investments in safer streets and crossings, bike lanes, sidewalks, and street lighting. I know our community also wants to see more trees and green space
and to protect Mill Creek and Jordan River and I am with you!


Celebrating South Salt Lake

Growing up in South Salt Lake, I know first-hand that our city has a special spark. It is a mix of legacy residents, newcomers, young people and long-timer caretakers. We are never short on ideas, creativity, compassion and the
hard work to make things happen. As we create new neighborhoods like our Downtown and Riverfront and new events like MuralFest, we never lose sight of making sure everyone feels welcome and can contribute. 

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Cherie Wood Family Park

"I'm excited to announce that I am running for Mayor of our city once more. We have incredible momentum in our city that is changing lives and making neighborhoods fun, friendly, and safe. I hope you join me and make a lasting impact on our future." 

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"I'm with Cherie Wood. I have seen her over and overtake a difficult situation and turn it around to our community's benefit. She has a knack for making the impossible become reality. She has my trust and utmost respect. We have a bright future with Cherie leading our city."

~ Charlotte A.

On the Trail Events

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